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Member institutions

Coordinating institution: Katholieke Universiteit.Leuven

Participating higher education institutions:

Tarragona (Universitat Rovira i Virgili): Mid-sized university; Doctorate in Translation and Intercultural Studies since 2003; Masters in Translation and Localization since 2000; experience in online teaching since 2000; organization of numerous face-to-face and online seminars on translation. PhD program here.

Misano: Translation school since 1987, recently accorded university status: long-term experience in networking and international programmes; organization of colloquia on translation and intercultural communication; centre of CETRA summer sessions and colloquia since 1997.

Prague (Charles University): Large historical university; its large and prestigious translation department dates from 1963 (the year of Jiri Levy's book); among the first meeting places for East-West interaction in Translation Studies (Prague 1968); continuity of contacts through 1970s and 1980s; second. congress of the European Society for Translation Studies (1995). Erasmus exchanges with numerous centres including Tarragona. PhD program here.

Ljubljana: Large university with translator training since 1087; Department of Translation and Interpreting since 1996; active participation in international conferences and scholarly societies; international awards; involved in CETRA since the mid-1990s.

Cracow (Jagiellonian University): Large historical university whose Postgraduate School for Translators and Interpreters dates from 1995; researchers have taken active part in European research on translation since that time, which participation in the European Society for Translation Studies and the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies.

Bratislava (Comenius University): Large historical university; seat of the UNESCO Chair in Translation Studies since 1998; was the strategic link for the Nitra centre (Anton Popovic); Thematic Networks with partners such as Misano.

Istanbul (Bogaziçi University): Large state university; translation department 1983 aware of cultural traditions; active doctoral programme and research centre in translation studies since 1994; high international performances with staff and students; Erasmus exchanges with numerous centres including Tarragona.

Budapest (Eötvös Loránd University): Large historical university; its Interpreter and Translator Training Centre dates from 1973; contacts and exchanges with support from the Soros Foundation; publication of a new journal ACROSS since 2000; Erasmus exchanges with numerous centres including Tarragona.

Riga (University of Latvia): Department of Contrastive Linguistics has been training translators and doing research on translation since 1992 Long-term experience with coordinating activities in the Baltic area; organizational activities for TAIEX.

CETRA activities also involve other centres of higher education, which provide research materials and academic exchanges. These include La Sapienza University in Rome, the Universidad Autónoma in Madrid, the Eugene Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship, etc.

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