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The Intercultural Studies Group carries out training and research on mediation between cultures, particularly with respect to new technologies.

Current training programs

Masters in Professional Spanish-English translation

PhD / Research Masters in Translation and Intercultural Studies

Current projects

MIME - Mobility and Inclusion in a Multilingual Europe, 2014-18

Translation and Language Learning. An Analysis of Translation as a Method of Language Learning (DGT-2012-TLL), with the University of Leicester and the European Society for Translation Studies, 2012-13

Free book: Teorías contemporáneas de la traducción (2012)

Free book: Translation Research Projects 4 (2012)

The Status of the Translation Profession in the European Union (DGT-2011-TST)

Translation Research Training: An integrated and intersectoral model for Europe (TIME- ITN 2010- 263954). EU Seventh Framework Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (ITN). 2011-2015.

Translator training observatory

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