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Teaching staff, 2003-2011

The following researchers have given courses in this program. Most are available to supervise students' dissertations, although external co-supervisors are often brought in for specialized research projects.

Andrew Chesterman, University of Helsinki, Finland.
Anthony Pym, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain.
Arnt Lykke Jakobsen, Copenhagen Business School.
Basil Hatim, American University of Sharjah, UAE.
Belinda Maia, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Catherine Way, Universidad de Granada

Christiane Nord, University of Applied Sciences, Magdeburg, Germany
Christina Schäffner, Aston University, Birmingham, UK
Christopher Scott-Tennent, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain.
Daniel Gile, ESIT - Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle, France.
Daniel Simeoni, York University, Canada.
Don Kiraly, Universität Mainz, Germany.
Dorothy Kelly, University of Granada, Spain.
Frank Austermühl, Universität Mainz, Germany.
Franz Pöchhacker, Universität Wien, Austria.
Gideon Toury, University of Tel Aviv, Israel.
Hans Hönig, Universität Mainz, Germany.
Harish Trivedi, University of Delhi, India.
Ian Mason, Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom.
Itamar Even-Zohar, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
Joaquim Mallafrè, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain.
John Milton, Universidade de Sao Paolo, Brazil.
José Lambert, KU Leuven, Belgium.
Michael Cronin, Dublin City University, Ireland.
Michaela Wolf, UNiversity of Graz, Austria.
Miriam Shlesinger, Bar Ilan University, Israel.
Rosemary Arrojo, SUNY, Binghamton, United States.
Seán Golden, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain.
Theo Hermans, University College, London, United Kingdom.
Yves Gambier, University of Turku, Finland.

Rosemary Arrojo

Professor of Comparative Literature. Director of the Center for Translation Research, State University of New York, Binghamton, United States. Author of Oficina de Tradução: A Teoria na Prática (1986), O Signo Desconstruído: Implicações para a Tradução, a Leitura e o Ensino (1992), Tradução, Desconstrução e Psicanálise (1993).

Frank Austermühl

Assistant Professor, School of Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies, University of Mainz at Germersheim, Germany. Author of nine software manuals in German and Electronic Tools for Translators (2000), Übersetzen im Informationszeitalter - Überlegungen zur Zukunft fachkommunikativen und interkulturellen Handelns im Global Village (2001); co-editor of Humanities Education and the Challenge of E-Learning (2000).

Andrew Chesterman

Professor of Multilingual Communication, Department of General Linguistics, University of Helsinki, Finland. Author of Memes of Translation (1997), Contrastive Functional Analysis (1998), co-author of Can Theory Help Translators? (2002) and The Map. A Beginner's Guide to Doing Research in Translation Studies (2002).

Michael Cronin

Michael Cronin is Professor and Director of the Centre for Translation and Textual Studies. He has a BA and PhD from Trinity College Dublin and an MA from University College Dublin. He is author of Translating Ireland: Translation, Languages, Identities (Cork University Press, 1996) and Across the Lines: Travel, Language and Translation (Cork University Press, 2000) which was awarded the CATS Vinay-Darbelnet Prize. He is co-editor of Unity in Diversity: Current Trends in Translation Studies (St. Jerome 1998) and Reinventing Ireland: Culture, Society and the Global Economy (Pluto Press, 2002). He is a Professional Member and former Chairperson of the Irish Translators’ Association. His research interests are Irish translation history, translation and travel, and translation and globalization.

Itamar Even-Zohar

Professor of Culture Research and Porter Chair Professor of Semiotics at Tel Aviv University. His research in recent years has been clustering around initiatives of change for the management of social and personal life, and their relations to the sustainability of societies. Such initiatives are taken by “idea-makers” and often implemented by “cultural entrepreneurs”. Conceptually, this work is based on concepts of heterogeneity (or complexity), partly developed earlier by Even-Zohar under the name of “Polysystem theory”. In earlier stages of his work he also contributed to the study of translation as a complex and dynamic activity governed by system relations rather than by a-priori fixed parameters of comparative language capabilities. This has subsequently led to studies on literary interference, eventually analyzed in terms of intercultural relations. His major books are Papers in Historical Poetics (Tel Aviv, 1978), and Polysystem Studies (Durham: Duke UP; =Poetics Today 11:1), 1990. A new collection of papers, Papers in Culture Research will include his papers since 1993. (All three collections are available from Even-Zohar’s Website.)

Yves Gambier

Professor and Director of the Centre for Translation and Interpretation, University of Turku, Finland; Has published more than 130 articles and edited or co-edited 18 books, including Communication audiovisuelle et transferts linguistiques (1995), Transferts linguistiques dans les médias audiovisuels (1996), Language Transfer and Audiovisual Communication. A Bibliography (1998), Multimedia & Translation (2001), special issues of Meta and The Translator on screen translation (2003).

Daniel Gile

Former mathematician, former Associate Professor of Japanese. 1993 CERA Professor. Professor of Translation, ESIT - Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle, France. AIIC Conference Interpreter. Author/co-editor of 10 books and about 210 papers. Many texts on methodological issues in translation and interpreting research. Co-editor of the EST Newsletter. Editor of the CIRIN Bulletin ( .

Seán Golden

Director of the Centre for International and Intercultural Studies, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain. Co-editor of Soft Day: A Miscellany of Contemporary Irish Literature (1980), co-editor and translator of 100 Modern Chinese Poems (1987), Gu Cheng: Selected Poems (1990) Mala herba de Lu Xun (1994), Sunzi. L'Art de la guerra (2000), Laozi. Daodejing. El llibre del "dao" i del "de" (2000).

Theo Hermans

Professor of Dutch and Comparative Literature, University College London, United Kingdom. Editor of the semininal volume The Mipulation of Literature (1985). Author of Translation in Systems. Descriptive and Systemic Approaches Explained (1999).

Arnt Lykke Jakobsen

Research professor, Department of International Language Studies and Computational Linguistics, Copenhagen Business School. Director of the Center for Research and Innovation in Translation and Translation Technology (CRITT) Developer of Translog. Member of the European research project Eye to IT, using eye-tracking to analyze human-computer interaction. Author of a series of articles on empirical research on translation processes.

Dorothy Kelly

Senior Lecturer in Translation at the University of Granada and Director of the AVANTI research group. She is author of Prensa e identidad nacional: la imagen de España en la prensa británica and A Handbook for Translator Trainers, editor of La traducción y la interpretación en España hoy: perspectivas profesionales, and co-editor of La direccionalidad en Traducción e Interpretación: aspectos teóricos, didácticos y profesionales and of the journal Puentes: hacia nuevas investigaciones en la mediación intercultural.

Don Kiraly

Associate Professor, School of Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies, University of Mainz, Germany. A specialist in translator training methodology, he has coordinated major research projets on the improvement of translation skills instruction and the use of the computer as a tool in translation skills instruction. He is the author of Pathways to Translation (1995) and A Social Constructivist Approach to Translator Education: Empowerment from Theory to Practice (2000).

José Lambert

Former Professor of General Literature, Kathokikese Universiteit, Leuven, Belgium. Co-editor of the journal Target. International Journal of Translation Studies; director of the Leuven Centre for the Study of Translation and Cultures (CETRA). Author of more than 100 articles, and co-editor of Literature and Translation. New Perspectives in Literary Studies (1978), Translation in the Development of Literatures - Les Traductions dans le développement des littératures (1993), Translation and Modernization (1995), Translation Studies in Hungary (1996), Crosscultural and Linguistic Perspectives on European Open and Distance Learning (1998), Under Construction. Links for the Site of Literary Theory (2000), The Future of Cultural Studies (2000), Übersetzung - Translation - Traduction. Ein Internationales Handbuch zur Übersetzungsforschung (perpetually forthcoming).

Belinda Maia

Associate Professor at the Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto where she teaches and does research with the Centro de Linguística da Universidade do Porto in the areas of contrastive linguistics, translation, information technology applied to translation, and terminology. She coordinates the teaching of English and translation at undergraduate level, as well as a Master's degree in 'Terminology and Translation’.

Joaquim Mallafrè

Forner professor of translation at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili. He has translated Joyce (Ulysses, Dubliners, Giacomo Joyce), Beckett, Pinter, Fielding and Thomas Moore into Catalan. His academic publications include Llengua de tribu i llengua de polis. Bases d'una traducció literària (1991), De bona llengua, de bon humor (1994) and the editing of Traducció i català estàndard (2002). In 1998 the government of Catalonia awarded him the Creu de Sant Jordi for his services to Catalan culture as a translator and teacher. See homage here.

Ian Mason

Former Dean, Faculty of Economic and Social Studies, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.; Chair of Interpreting and Translation; Director, Centre for Interpreting and Translation Studies in Scotland.

John Milton

Universidade de Sao Paolo, Brazil. Author of O Poder da Tradução (1998), O Clube do Livro e a Tradução (2002); editor of Emerging Views on Translation History in Brazil (2001).

Christiane Nord

Forner chair of Translation Studies and Specialized Communication at the University of Applied Sciences of Magdeburg, Germany, 1998-2000 Vice Rector. Appr. 80 publications on translation theory, methodology, pedagogy, among them Text Analysis in Translation (Amsterdam: Rodopi 1991), Translating as a Purposeful Activity (Manchester: St. Jerome 1997). Several translations, among them, together with her husband Klaus Berger, a German translation of the New Testament and Early Christian literature (1999).

Franz Pöchhacker

Associate Professor of Interpreting Studies in the Department of Translation and Interpreting, University of Vienna. Author of Simultandolmetschen als komplexes Handeln (1994), Dolmetschen. Konzeptuelle Grundlagen und deskriptive Untersuchungen (2000), and Introducing Interpreting Studies (2004); co-editor of Translation Studies - An Interdiscipline (1994), Translationswissenschaft. Festschrift für Mary Snell-Hornby zum 60. Geburtstag (2000), The Interpreting Studies Reader (with Miriam Shlesinger) (2002).

Anthony Pym

Director of postgraduate programs in translation, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain. Author of Translation and Text Transfer (1992), Epistemological Problems in Translation and its Teaching (1993), Pour une éthique du traducteur (1997), Method in Translation History (1998), Negotiating the Frontier: Translators and Intercultures in Hispanic History (2000), and The Moving Text: Localization, Distribution, and Translation (2004). Editor of L'Internationalité littéraire (1988), Mites australians (1990) and the series Translation Theories Explained and Translation Practices Explained (St Jerome); co-editor of Les formations en traduction et interprétation. Essai de recensement mondial (1995) and Sociocultural Approaches to Translating and Interpreting (2006).

Christina Schäffner

Professor of Translation Studies and Director of Postgraduate Programs at Aston University, Birmingham.  Her main research interests concern political discourse and translation, translation policies, metaphor in translation, and translation didactics. Her edited collections include Political Discourse, Media and Translation (2010, with Susan Bassnett), Translation research and Interpreting research: Traditions, gaps and synergies (2004), Developing Translation Competence (2000, with Beverly Adab), Translation and Norms (1999). She is the author of Annotated texts for Translation: Functionalist approaches illustrated (English-German) (2001). She is a member of the editorial or advisory boards of several journals, among them Target, The Translator, Discourse and Society, Perspectives.

Miriam Shlesinger

Professor, Department of Translation and Interpretation Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel. Co-editor of The Interpreting Studies Reader (2002) and Sociocultural Approaches to Translating and Interpreting (2006). CETRA Professor 2007.


Christopher Scott-Tennent

Director of undergraduate translation courses of the English Department, Universitat Rovira i Virgil, Spain. Coordinator of empirical research projects on the teaching of translation strategies. Chris died unexpectedly on December 17, 2011.

Daniel Simeoni († Nov. 3 2007)

Much-loved and much-regretted former Director of Translation Program, Faculty of Graduate Studies, York University (Toronto, Canada).. Co-author of Mots / Représentations. Enjeux dans les contacts interethniques et interculturels (1994), Les convergences culturelles dans les sociétés pluriethniques (1996), Catégorisation épistémique, catégorisation praxéologique (1999) and Variations de la perception catégorielle. Enjeux énonciatifs et interculturels (2002).

harish trivedi

Harish Trivedi

Professor of English, Univesity of Delhi, India. Co-editor of Post-colonial Translation: Theory and Practice (1999), “Focus on Translation,” special issue of Wasafiri (London), (2003). and The Nation across the World: Postcolonial Literary Representations (2007). CETRA Professor in 2006.   

Gideon Toury

Full Professor of Poetics, Comparative Literature and Translation Studies, Tel Aviv University, Israel. Author of Translational Norms and Literary Translation into Hebrew, 1930-1945 (1977), In Search of a Theory of Translation (1980), Descriptive Translation Studies and Beyond (1995), editor of Translation Theory: (A Reader) (1980), Translation Across Cultures (1987), Introducing Translation Theory: Selected Articles (1991), co-editor of German Literature Before and After (1982), Translation Theory and Intercultural Relations (1981), Roman Jakobson, Semiotics, Linguistics, Poetics: Selected Articles (1986), Hebrew: A Living Language - Studies on the Language in Social and Cultural Contexts (1992, 1999), general editor of the journal Target. International Journal of Translation Studies; editor of the Benjamins Translation Library series.

catherine way

Catherine Way

Senior Lecturer in Translation at the University of Granada and Member of the AVANTI research group. She is author of La traducción como acción social: el caso de los documentos académicos (español-inglés), co-editor of La direccionalidad en Traducción e Interpretación: aspectos teóricos, didácticos y profesionales, of Enhancing the ERASMUS Experience: Papers on Student Mobility, of Experiences in Student Mobility, and of the journals The Interpreter and Translator Trainer and Puentes: hacia nuevas investigaciones en la mediación intercultural.


Michaela Wolf

Associate professor at the Department of Translation Studies, University of Graz, Austria. Areas of research are translation sociology, cultural aspects of translation, translation history, postcolonial translation, feminist translation. Presently her research focuses on social aspects of translation which she is investigating on a large corpus of German translations in the Habsburg Monarchy.
Editor of Übersetzungswissenschaft in Brasilien. Beiträge zum Status von ‘Original’ und Übersetzung, Tübingen 1997; Übersetzung aus aller Frauen Länder. Beiträge zu Theorie und Praxis weiblicher Realität in der Translation, Graz 2001, a special issue of Internationales Archiv für Sozialgeschichte der deutschen Literatur “Soziologie der literarischen Übersetzung” (with N. Bachleitner, 2005) and author of a series of articles in books and journals.

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