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PhD research projects

Ayvazyan, Nune
Translation in Foreign-Language Teaching and Learning

Balcı, Alev
Interpreter Involvement in sermon Interpreting

Berber, Diana
Information and communications technology in conference Interpreting

Thesis defended May 10, 2010

Bravo, Maria da Conceição Condinho
Putting the reader in the picture. Screen translation and foreign-language learning
Thesis defended December 10, 2008

Burcet Rojas, Humberto
Tracing Postcolonial Changing Identities: Witi Ihimaera’s Challenges
to Establishment in the Third Space

Castro Rodríguez, Ana Cristina
Translating petroleum, Venezuelan petroleum contracts executed during the Apertura process (1992-1998) and their subsequent legal reform (2005-2008)

Chan, Lung Jan
Information Economics, the Translation Profession and Translator Certification
Thesis defended December 9, 2008

Choi, Yoonji
Identifying risk items in the translation of websites

Chumbo, Isabel
Translating the regime: Portuguese Propaganda in English during Salazar’s Dictatorship (1932-1949)

Cortabarria, Beatriz
Non-standard Spanish in the United States and translation norms

Eraslan, Seyda
"Cultural Mediator” or “Scrupulous Translator”? Revisiting Role, Context and Culture in Conference Interpreting
Thesis defended 2011

González Núñez, Gabriel
Translating for minorities: Linguistic diversity and integration in Europe
Thesis defended August 8, 2014

Guerberof Arenas, Ana
Productivity and quality in the post-editing of outputs from translation memories and machine translation
Thesis defended September 24, 2012

Haddadian Moghaddam, Esmaeil
Agency in the translation and production of novels from English in modern Iran
Thesis defended July 9, 2012

Howard, Diane
Failure Analysis in Professional Translation. Examples from Short-Passage Translation Tests

Hui, Maggie Ting Ting
Risk Management by Trainee Translators: A Study of Translation Procedures and Justifications in Peer-group Interaction
Thesis defended June 20, 2012

Karashima, David
The translating, rewriting and reproducing of Haruki Murakami for the Anglophone market
Thesis defense in July 3, 2013

Khalzanova, Serafima
Time constraints and the revising of translations

Kourouni, Kyriaki
Translating under time constraints in an undergraduate context: A study of students' products, processes and learning styles
Thesis defended July 10, 2012

Kos, Aysenaz
Promoting Simone de Beauvoir and Le Deuxième Sexe through the Male in Turkey

Lafeber, Anne
Translation at inter-governmental organizations: the set of skills and knowledge required and the implications for recruitment testing
Thesis defended June 20, 2012

Lambertini Andreotti, Julia
The comprehension of Legal Discourse in Interpreted Proceedings

Liu Fung-ming, Christy
A Quantitative and Qualitative Inquiry into Translators' Visibility and Job-related Happiness: The Case of Greater China
Thesis defended June 27, 2011

Mick, Graciela
Shifting capitals. Software translators in corporate America

Orrego-Carmona, David
The Reception of Non-Professional Subtitling

Parkins, Courtney
Translators as agents of lexical transfer: Evidence from the standardization of Curaçaoan Papiamentu

Pavlovic, Natasa
Directionality in collaborative translation processes
Thesis defended October 18, 2007

Peverati, Costanza
Translation in University Foreign-Language Curricula: An Analysis of Teachers' Attitudes with Reference to Vocational and Transferability Criteria
Thesis defended July 7, 2014

Poupaud, Sandra
Agency in Translation. Hispanic literature in France, 1980-2000

Serrano, Meritxell
The textual unconscious: A psychoanalytical approach to discursive analysis in Spanish translations of Paul de Man

Sohn, Miryoung
Correlations between translation students' entrance exam scores and school performance

Takeda, Kayoko
Sociopolitical Aspects of Interpreting at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (1946-1948)
Thesis defended October 20, 2007

Teixeira, Carlos
Knowledge of provenance and its effects on the translation process in an integrated TM/MT environment

Temizöz, Özlem
Postediting Machine Translation Output and its Revision:Subject-Matter Experts versus Professional Translators
Thesis defended October 24, 2013

Tian, Chuanmao
A sociocultural analysis of Chinese retranslations of classic English novels in mainland China, 1949-2009
Thesis defended February 14, 2014

Torres Simón, Ester
The role of translations in post-bellum image building. Translations from Korean published in the US after the Korean War
Thesis defended July 2, 2013

Varney, Jennifer
H.D. and the translation of classical Greek literature

Thesis defended September 28, 2011

Veselica-Majhut, Snježana
Cultural Specificity in the Translation of Popular Fiction from English into Croatian during the Socialist and Transition Periods (1960-2010)

Thesis defended September 25,2012

Xu Ziyun
Chinese research into interpreting: A scientometric exploration

Yılmaz Gümüş, Volga
Training for the Translation Market in Turkey: An Analysis of Curricula and Stakeholders

Thesis defended October 24, 2013

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Aysenaz Kos

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