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Technology in translator training

Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil
July 28 - August 8, 2008

A research seminar and workshop organized by the Intercultural Studies Group in conjunction with the Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This course is in two parts. First, a week-long research seminar will deal with the impact of new technologies on the way we conceptualize translation and the training of translators. Second, a hands-on workshop will give basic training in the use of translation-memory tools.

These activities are part of the project Nuevas tecnologías para la profesionalización de traductores (PHB2007-0020-PC, PHB2007-0019-TA), PHB2007-0021-TA), 2008-09

Attendance is free for qualified participants (within the capacities of the computer lab), but you must register here

Research seminar (Anthony Pym, Serafima Khalzanova, Humberto Burcet)

The research seminar will present recent changes in the nature of translation as cross-cultural communication, specifically with respect to the impact of new technologies and their use in localization projects. These changes will then be related to the ways in which translators are currently being trained, and to a few ways in which they should be trained. Specific attention will be given to the current situation in Brazil. Participants will have to carry out small research assignments, ranging from empirical investigation via websites to the planning of a course syllabus and the evaluation of translations.

The program will be based on the following topics: contemporary paradigms of translation studies; the institutionalization of translation, competence analysis, e-learning, the teaching of technology, process studies, product studies, quality and evaluation.

See full program here.

Workshop (José Ramón Biau)

The workshop will be focused on how to use new technologies in the classroom and in online learning.  .


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