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Translation Technology and its Teaching
(with much mention of localization)

Edited by Anthony Pym, Alexander Perekrestenko & Bram Starink

Intercultural Studies Group
Universitat Rovira i Virgili, 2006

Printed copies of the book can be purchased for 20 euros each. Please order from:
Intercultural Studies Group
Plaça Imperial Tàrraco, 1
45003 Tarragona, Spain

Published with assistance from project BFF 2002-03050, Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología, Madrid

Online book (PDF)

Contents of the book
(The articles comprising the volume can be downloaded separately here)

The Background of Translation Technology

Technology and translation (a pedagogical overview)
José Ramón Biau Gil & Anthony Pym

The Evolution of Localization
Bert Esselink

The localization job market in academe
Tim Altanero

Localization and Translator Training (an online conference)

Training for localization (replies to a questionnaire)
Minako O’Hagan

Training for localization (replies to a questionnaire)
Bob Clark, Jo Drugan, Tony Hartley, Daming Wu

Training for localization (replies to a questionnaire)
Patrick Drouin

Summary of discussion on Localization and Translator Training
Conceição Bravo & Vanessa Enríquez

Summary of discussion on Is localization just technology?
Kristina Mullamaa & Olga Núñez Piñeiro

Summary of discussion on Finding Qualified Trainers
Sandra Poupaud

Summary of discussion on What is XML and how do we teach it?
Olga Núñez Piñeiro

Technology and Translation

Training translators to localize
Frank Austermühl

Introducing IT in translator training: Experiences from the COLC project
Hannu Jaatinen & Riitta Jääskeläinen

Teaching electronic tools for translators online
José Ramón Biau Gil

Translators on translation memories: a blessing or a curse?
Ignacio García

Voice-over-Internet Protocols: a new dimension for translation interaction
Andrés Salter Iglesias

Asymmetries in the teaching of translation technology
Anthony Pym

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