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door Translation research projects 1

Edited by Anthony Pym & Alexander Perekrestenko

Intercultural Studies Group
Universitat Rovira i Virgili, 2008

ISBN: 978-84-611-8821-5

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Intercultural Studies Group
Plaça Imperial Tàrraco, 1
45003 Tarragona, Spain

Contents of the book
(The articles comprising the volume can be downloaded separately here)

Presentation  1   [ PDF ] 
Richard Mansell,
Optimality in translation
 3   [ PDF ] 
Faraz Forghan-Parast,
Towards a cybernetic model of translation
 13   [ PDF ] 
Julie McDonough,
Translation during the 1980 and 1995 Independence Referenda in Canada
 25   [ PDF ] 
Sandra Poupaud,
Agency in translation, Hispanic literature in France, 1984-2002
 37   [ PDF ] 
Jennifer Varney,
Taboo and the translator: A survey of translators' notes in Italian translations of Anglo-American fiction, 1945–2005
 47   [ PDF ] 
Ayşenaz Koş,
Analysis of the paratexts of Simone de Beauvoir’s works in Turkish
 59   [ PDF ] 
Chun Li,
Going ambiguous for reader empowerment. An exploration of the literal translation by Lu Zhen Zhong of First John of the New Testament
 69   [ PDF ] 
Nataša Pavlović,
Directionality in translation and interpreting. Preliminary report on a questionnaire survey in Croatia
 79   [ PDF ] 
Hiroko Inose,
Translating Japanese onomatopoeia and mimetic words
 97   [ PDF ] 
Renata Kamenická,
Explicitation profile and translator style
 117   [ PDF ] 

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