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How to get to Tarragona

Fast buses leave the Barcelona airport for Tarragona at 08:00; 12:30; 17:00, and 22:00. They arrive in Tarragona (at the bus station next to the Hotel Ciutat de Tarragona) exactly one hour later. Prices should be about 10.65 euros one-way, and 19.20 euros return. The bus should be marked "ràpid aeroport" and leaves from a poorly marked stand to the south end of the exit from Terminal B (i.e. heading towards Terminal A), at the southern end of a big mural painting (inspired) by Mirò.
These buses leave Tarragona for the airport at 5:30; 10:15; 15:45; and 20:00. The journey takes one hour.
This service is run by ALSA, and it might pay to check for updated information at their web site.

There are also slow buses from the airport to Tarragona. These are marked "Monbus" and leave at 7.40. 8.40. 9.40. 10.40. 11.40, and so on. They leave from the same poorly marked stand, and go to the same bus station in Tarragona. They take two hours to make the trip, since they go through all the towns along the coast.


A one-hour train ride from Sants station (Barcelona's main station) down the coast to Tarragona. Regional trains leave Barcelona once or twice an hour: There are also long-distance trains (the last one from Barcelona to Tarragona leaves at 11.00 at night).
Please check the RENFE site.

There are five long-distance trains every day from Madrid to Tarragona. Please visit for detailed information on train schedules.

A taxi from the Barcelona airport to Sants train station might cost 15 to 18 euros. From Reus/Salou airport to Tarragona, about 12 euros. From the Tarragona train station to a hotel in town, about 5 euros. All prices depend on how many pieces of luggage you put in the boot. A taxi from Barcelona airport to Tarragona could cost you 135 euros, although we can book one for you for 105 euros.

Fly to Barcelona. It is also possible to fly into Reus/Salou airport, which is 8km from Tarragona and serves the tourist city of Salou. Reus airport receives RyanAir, Air Berlin, and charter flights. The tickets tend to be cheap (from the UK, Germany, Holland, and probably a few more countries as well). If you are using RyanAir, be sure not to fly to Girona, which is north of Barcelona (Tarragona is to the south).

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