Postgraduate programs in translation and localization


Encuentro de traducción profesional

8 November 2002 

Gemma Folch, Mònica Gavaldà: Buscant la Maya, translation of a novel by Atima Srivastava: Report, Translation (whole novel)

Carmen Hyland. Land of Gantes, translation of a story about Aiguamolls de l´Empordà Natural Park: Report, Translation

Gemma Brull. Translation of Basell Dispoweb User's Manual (English to Spanish)

Inma Sanmartín. Translation into Spanish of the children's novel Whispers in the Graveyard: Report

Xavier Abelló, Jordi Bultó and Mike Holt. Translation into Catalan of the text Micropower: The Next Electrical Era. Report, Glossary, Translation

Pili Tierno. Translation of The Sandman Companion. Report. Translation.

Eva Martínez, Leila Araújo. Translation into Spanish of Conference Interpreting Explained. Translation, Glossary.

Grzegorz Chrupala. Scripting in Translation Project Management. Paper.

José Ramón Biau. Comparison of CAT tools.

Joanna Bielak. On the problems of translating legal terminology


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