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an online conference 20-29 November 2003

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More people than ever are being trained as translators and interpreters. A growing part of the labour market, however, is for people trained in "localization". What should translator trainers make of this trend? What importance should we attach to the new term?  

The purpose of this conference is to exchange ideas about the relations between translator training and the localization industry. The conference is primarily addressed to practising translator-trainers, although participation is welcome from students, industry experts, linguists, educationalists, translators, and interpreters.

The conference will be based on email exchanges through the ITIT list. The format is based on three previous ventures: the first On-line Translation Colloquium organized by Seán Golden in 1997, the symposium on Innovation in Translator and Interpreter Training organized by the Intercultural Studies Group in 2000, and the symposium on Translator Training and E-Learning organized by the Intercultural Studies Group in 2001.

As a point of innovation, the conference will conclude with a one-day face-to-face symposium in Tarragona, Spain, on Technology and Translation, to be held on Saturday 29 November.

People wishing to participate are invited to go to and sign on. Click here if you have problems joining the group.  

Position papers

A number of position papers have been sought from teachers and industry representatives who have worked in various areas of localization and training. In most cases these papers respond to a series of basic questions about the relation between the localization industry and translator-training institutions.

Language policy

Although the initial documents for the symposium are in English, all languages may be used. No official translations will be supplied, but participants are free to translate for each other.

Who is organizing this

The symposium is organized by the Intercultural Studies Group at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain.

How much this will cost you

Nothing, except the time and retinae of the participants and organizers. There is no subsidy for this activity, and no cost to participants. 

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