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28-29 November 2003, Tarragona, Spain

Organized by the Intercultural Studies Group and the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, in Tarragona (Spain) this symposium aims to bring together academics and professionals and discuss the technological side of translator training.

Symposium languages: English and Spanish

Venue: Tarragona Museum of Modern Art , Carrer Santa Anna, 8, Tarragona.

Keynote speaker: Anthony Pym

Special sessions: Demonstrations of CAT tools
Round tables: 1. Comparisons of CAT tools; 2. Training for localization.

The symposium will follow a free online conference on the general topic of "training for localization", to be held on the ITIT list (Innovations in Translator Training) from 20 to 29 November. All participants in the face-to-face symposium should also participate in the online conference.

Symposium fee: 75 euros (includes coffee breaks and copy of the proceedings)
Fees for atendance only: 30 euros.

With assistance from the Diputació de Tarragona.





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