New Research in Translation and Interpreting Studies

Tarragona, Spain, 7-8 October 2005


Friday October 7

9.20-10.00 : Registration (Hotel Ciutat de Tarragona, up the stairs)

10.00-10.40 Keynote speech:

Reinhard Schäler (Ireland): New Directions in Localization Research

10.40-12.00 : Translation and technology (chair: Anthony Pym)

João Brogueira (Portugal): e-Rosetta: An archaeology of localization

José Ramón Biau Gil (Spain): The relevance of visual context when translating web sites: a case study

Jill Orenstein (US): The professional use of translation tools


12.30-14.00 : The Politics of Translation (chair: Natasa Pavlovic)

Julie McDonough (Canada): Translation and Quebec Sovereignty

Isabel Chumbo (Portugal): Foreign Literature during the Estado Novo in Portugal: circulation and censorship

Graciela Calderón (Argentina): Language mediation is a basic need for communities hosting diverse linguistic groups


16.20-19.00 : Cultural Translation in Context (chair: Jill Orenstein)

Jennifer Varney (UK / Italy): Taboo and the Translator: A survey of the translator's note in Italian translations of Anglo-American fiction 1945-2005

Aysenaz Kos (Turkey): Analysis of the Paratexts of Simone de Beauvoir's Works in Turkish

Jales Rocha (Brazil): The Translation of Musicals ­ The Example of Les Misérables

Saturday October 8

10.00-10.40: Keynote speech
José Lambert: Beyond the Nation-State. From Language Policy to Language Management - Video (38MB)


10.40-11.40 : Linguistic aspects. Chair: Joao Brogueira

10.40 - 11.40 Interpreting. Chair: Jennifer Varney

Juan José Martínez Sierra (Spain): La manipulación del texto: la dualidad extranjerización frente a familiarización en la traducción del humor audiovisual

Yannick Garcia Porres (Spain): Interpretational Language. How does it sound? / Video (21MB)

Kayoko Takeda (Japan / US): The Interpreter, the Monitor and the Language Arbiter - Interpreting Arrangement at the Tokyo War Crimes Trial / Video (21MB)

Vanda Kuklová (Czech Republic) : Cohesion and coherence in translation: The paragraph as a thematic and compositional unit of non-literary texts


12.00-14.00 : Training issues. Chair: José Ramón Biau

12.00-14.00 : Interpreting. Chair: Jennifer Varney

Olga Torres Hostench (Spain): Recerca sobre la formació per a la inserció laboral en l'àmbit de la traducció

Nata Hajdu (Croatia): The Kindapper and the Kidnapped: Interpretation at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia / Video (17MB)

Magda Talaban (Romania): The use of email in translator training

Kristina Mullamaa (Estonia): Analysing the role of liaison interpreters: the personal and professional self reconciled?

Georgia Sessi (Italy): On court interpreting


16.20-18.00 : Basic issues in Translation Studies. Chair: Magda Talaban

Natasa Pavlovic (Croatia): Directionality in Translation Practice

Richard Michael Mansell (UK): Optimality in Translation
Anthony Pym: Closing comments: Action research in Translation Studies


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