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j The future of research on translation and interpreting

A symposium in Tarragona, Spain, December 11-13, 2008

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Participants include: Yves Gambier, Andrew Chesterman, Christina Schäffner, Michaela Wolf, Gideon Toury, John Milton, Ignacio García, Anthony Pym, Yves Gambier, Franz Pöchhacker, Miriam Shlesinger, Claudia Angelelli, Daniel Gile.

Organized with the support of the Brazilian Association of Translation Researchers (ABRAPT), the American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association (ATISA), the Translation Committee of the International Comparative Literature Association (ICLA), and the European Society for Translation Studies (EST).

The symposium brings together researchers associated with the PhD program in Translation and Intercultural Studies at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona, Spain, but is open to anyone interested.

It asks the following three questions in the context of Translation Studies (which we take to include interpreting):

  1. What specific problems need to be addressed by research?
  2. What specific methodologies are needed?
  3. How should we be training researchers to focus on those problems and to use those methodologies?

The symposium will be based on a series of four round tables, on the following general topics:

  1. Institutional frameworks and research methodologies
  2. Sociological approaches
  3. New technologies
  4. Interpreting

The aim of the symposium is to answer those three questions for those four general areas, and to do so in a publishable form. The aim is not to draw up any recommendations or plan for an ideal PhD program.  

As such, the symposium will follow on from a conference and virtual seminar on the development of doctoral programs in Translation and Interpreting Studies (, on which Yves Gambier will report. It will also help prepare the way for the 2009 CETRA conference on “(Un?)Known Unknowns of Translation Studies”.  

The symposium will be preceded by presentations of research carried out by students in the Tarragona program: two PhD defenses and 13 defenses for the Diploma of Advanced Studies (awarded after the first two years of the PhD program).

It is hoped that there will be some overlap between the two sides of the week's activities. Students who are in Tarragona to defend their work should stay to participate in the discussions of the discipline. Similarly, professors who are there to discuss theories might like to see the practical problems raised by the student defenses.

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